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to orchestrate dreams?

At Avenue Two Travel, we don’t just plan trips for our clients, we use our expertise, experience and contacts to make their travel dreams come true. Whether they want to explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu or experience the rugged terrain of Africa, no dream is off limits. If you are an experienced travel advisor or are looking to get into the luxury travel industry and you are passionate about travel and experiencing the world, we want to talk to you!

Let's Go


No problem! Avenue Two Travel is excited to welcome the right people who have passion and dedication to delivering luxury travel experiences. Before we move forward,  take some time to consider what is expected of you as a travel advisor and what it means to operate as an Independent Contractor.

New Advisor
Why Avenue Two Travel


There are 473 US Virtuoso member agencies for top tier advisors to choose from. When you choose to work with Avenue Two Travel, however, we will approach you the same way we do our clients – as a dedicated team of professionals looking to provide you with full service and to make you feel like you are our only advisor. In fact, many of our advisors opt to go with us because the support they receive allows them to do more business, and ultimately make more money than they would with a hands-off agency. We provide our advisors with a unique package of services that ensures sales success, back-up and support, and general simplicity in doing business. Avenue Two Travel recognizes that with the right plan, the right technology and the right training your time is spent working with clients and not on problems and headaches.

As part of our full service package, our advisors have exclusive access to the following benefits:


With over 95 affiliates & employees, independent contractors find support, guidance, and camaraderie in the Avenue Two Travel community. Whether sharing destination knowledge or sharing a laugh at Virtuoso week, our advisors are a family.


Ask questions through private Facebook page | Share trip reports on private intranet | Connect at exclusive Virtuoso Week Events

Mingling with our DC Affiliates
DC Affiliates together for events
Virtuoso Week Gala
Virtuoso Grand Gala
Spring colors in the Office
Virtuoso Week Fun
Virtuoso Week Fun
Post Training Dinners w/ the team
Virtuoso Week
Jamo wins a Qantas plane!
Halloween Mischief!
Supplier Lunches!
Virtuoso Gala Ladies!
Virtuoso Week Lunches
Training Class
Virtuoso Week Connections!


If you're ready to take the next step on this exciting career path, or perhaps considering a switch, give us a shout! We are always happy to have the conversation. We know your success comes down to you finding the right fit agency. Let's see if it's us!

*Applying simply allows us to keep track of messages. Apply even if you're only interested in chatting.

ADDRESS: 828 W Lancaster Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

TEL: 610-243-1100 | |

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