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So you want to be a Travel Advisor?


Being a Luxury Travel advisor is an exciting & lucrative career path.
But there are some things to consider first...


All of our advisors have a deep passion for exploring the
world but that passion needs to translate to others’ travels
as well. A successful advisor is fully invested in wowing their
clients and creating unique experiences for them. Avenue
Two Travel is committed to maintaining a business focused
on the client experience and does not support becoming an
advisor to “travel for free”.


Luxury travel advisors develop long-lasting relationships with
their clients. They take the time to fully understand a client’s
needs, wants, and lifestyle. They add personal touches to
each trip to make it unique. This dedication to excellence
requires your full time attention and commitment to making
travel planning your career.


An advisor's goal is to deliver a seamless travel experience.
Unfortunately, weather, flight delays, strikes, and so much
more get in the way of that goal everyday. It is an advisor's
responsibility to be the safety net for their clients and readily
available to address issues as they arise.


Creating a successful trip means organizing not only the
hotel accommodations but flights, transfers to and from the
airports, remembering clients' preferences, understanding
time zones and date lines, passport requirements, visas,
and so much more! It takes a detail oriented mind to
execute luxury travel.

being an independent contractor

An independent contractor runs and operates their own business. An established network of existing or
potential clients is a very big plus and indicator of future success.
Anyone interested in becoming an independent contractor should be prepared to take on the


  • Filing your own 1099 tax forms

  • Compensating employees

  • Buying and maintaining errors and omission insurance

  • Building your own book of business

  • Covering your own business and travel expenses

also consider

  • Creating an LLC or other business entity

  • Consulting an attorney to figure out the best option for your business


  • This is a business where you are often times not paid until the client travels

  • You will be compensated direct deposit once a month based on commissions collected

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