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30 years experience as an Industry Leader

Avenue Two Travel, previously called Park Avenue Travel, has been a family-owned business for more than 30 years. As a leader in the luxury travel industry, we cater to upscale clients who are looking for exceptional travel advisors to create unique leisure travel experiences for them.

To enhance our product offerings and to enable us to cater to every one of our clients’ wishes, we are proud members of the Virtuoso network. Virtuoso is an invitation-only group of elite travel advisors that has special relationships with the world’s best luxury travel suppliers. These exclusive relationships enable us to give our clients incredible value as well as spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether its complimentary upgrades and exclusive amenities or special recognition and privileged access, Avenue Two Travel can offer options to our clients that no one else can. Furthermore, the agency serves on several travel advisory boards ensuring that our associates are at the forefront of industry trends, technology and training.


Avenue Two Travel feels that travel unites people.  It makes us more tolerant and it exposes us to new cultures, thoughts, ideas and ways of life.  We foster relationships around the globe.  By exploring humanity, we become better people and better citizens of the world.  Avenue Two caters its services to those discerning travelers who feel the same way.  We look to work with those who will enjoy the journey, savor their surroundings and appreciate the experience.  We understand that it is the experience that is paramount.

If you thirst for new experiences, if you live by the mantra “When In Rome”, if you want to live with no regrets, Avenue Two Travel is right for you.

Avenue Two Travel practices a unique process that operates with the assumption that the experience begins not with the trip, but with first contact.  Our team members work to become trusted advisors and advocates of our clients.  We strive to discover not just the best possible scenarios for where they want to go and what they want to do, but WHY they want to do it.  We live to create the feeling the client dreams they will have while traveling.  By properly using information and technology, we create efficiencies and insights while respecting the privacy of clients.  We explain upfront what we do and how we do it and we demonstrate our value.  We work as a team, both internally and with the client collaboratively, ensuring that the client's experience is seamless, meaningful and prompt.  Our process ensures we get the right product to the right client at the right time.  We value our client’s time and money and are respectful of their wishes.  We set ourselves up for success by knowing if we have done our job right we can ask for future business as well as business of friends. 


Through partnerships around the globe we craft experiences, trips and journeys.  Whether a simple overnight or a round the world trek, Avenue Two advises, plans and executes travel campaigns. We cater to the upscale traveler.



Integrity & Respect

Be honest and do “the right thing”. Respect everyone.  Be a citizen of the world and celebrate diversity. Take responsibility for meeting your commitments.



Care for each other and the work environment. Cooperate, openly communicate and celebrate each other’s success. Welcome and respect differing viewpoints. Lend a helping hand.



Set high expectations and hold yourself accountable for results. Work with a strong sense of urgency and strive for flawless execution in everything, from working with clients to keeping accurate information, to maintaining an orderly and clean work space and appearance.



Feel empowered to have new ideas and innovative thinking. Pursue constructive change. Embrace the unexpected and adapt accordingly. Continually seek to improve your business and yourself.



Love what you do. Make work a pleasant place, for yourself and others. Channel joy and excitement into our clients’ experience.

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