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  • What is the difference between an "Independent Contractor" and an "Affiliate"?"
    They are one in the same. Avenue Two Travel uses the word "Affiliate" for "Independent Contractors" because we like to think of you as connected to us as opposed to on your own.
  • Is there a fee to affiliate?
    There is an initial start-up fee that varies based on your experience. We break new affiliates into 3 tiers. Brand new, Up & Running, and Luxe Travel Veteran. If you are brand new to the business, your fee will include our 10 week online master course*. This is a one-time fee. ​ Based on your needs, there are affiliation packages that are charged on a monthly basis. Please inquire for more details. **Due to the pandemic our pivot to a 10 week online master course is a work in progress. Please inquire.
  • What is included in my monthly affiliation fee?
    All monthly affiliation fees, regardless of tier include: - Microsoft Office 365 Suite (Outlooks, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Once license covers 5 phones, 5 tablets, & 5 computers) - Avenue Two Travel E-mail address or hosting for your brand - Profile featured on A2T website & - Client Base - Sabre for active users - PCI compliant software - Anti-virus and enhanced security protection - Cloud backup for documents - Technology support for laptops/programs acquired through Avenue Two - Virtuoso membership - Dedicated coach and contact for questions - Customized email marketing - Initial marketing annoucement - Data searches and reports - Uncollected commissions assistance - Monthly production statements - Access to team of experts - Preferred Supplier Relationships - Sample documents & templates - Call direction - In house Air Department access - Access to Virtuoso & A2T events & More based on your business and your needs
  • What isn't included in my monthly affiliation fee?
    - Virtuoso Direct Mail Marketing (based on use) - Administrative/marketing assistance (hourly rate charged in 15 minute increments)
  • Is there training?
    Yes! Someday we hope to get back to our week of training in the office, but as of right now we have pivoted to a virtual model. If you are new to the industry we have a 10 week online training*. If you are new to Virtuoso or joining us from another travel background, we have a more moderate training prepared. *Due to the pandemic our move to virtual training is a work in progress. Please inquire. ​
  • What is the commission split?
    Commission splits range from 60-95%. We pay on a tiered structure, so the higher your sales, the higher your commission split. We want to incentivize and encourage growth by rewarding you with higher commissions.
  • Do I have to maintain a certain amount of sales to remain affiliated?
    Avenue Two Travel would like you to have at least $200,000 in sales, or about $20,000 in revenue by the end of the first year to remain affiliated. If you have not achieved this number we will have a conversation and see where we can help. Our goal isn't to kick any one out, but we want to ensure we have people on the team who are dedicated to making this a full time career. The average new full time advisor reaches million dollar sales status at about 24-30 months.
  • Am I on my own or do I have someone to contact with questions?
    You are not on your own! Not only can you reach out to anyone on the team whenever you need, but Avenue Two Travel has a dediated help alias that emails operations, tech, sales, and accounting at the same time. So if you're ever not sure who to contact, you can be sure the right person will get back to you as quickly as possible. All of these managers are here to support you and act as your advocate when it comes to your needs and supplier relations.
  • Can I build my own brand, or do I need to work under the Avenue Two Travel brand?"
    You can do whatever you want! There are pros & cons to each choice and Avenue Two Travel is happy to talk you through those and support you with whatever decision you come to! Our current affiliate team is split 50/50.
  • Will Avenue Two Travel give me leads?
    No, we treat you like a real Independent Contractor in that you are running your own business. That being said, we support you participating in the Virtuoso Lead Generation Program, which has seen great success.
  • Do I have to charge fees?
    You are running your own business, so you can choose to operate however you want. We do not require you to charge fees, however we seriously encourage it. You are a professional and you should charge for your expertise and time. We will give you every tool you need to feel confident charging fees.
  • Can I build my own website and have my own domain?
    Yes, absolutely! That said, you are paying an affiliation fee to Avenue Two Travel that includes access to office365 and outlook. If you built an email account under your own domain and would like to move it under our network, we only work with GoDaddy. We cannot move your email from BlueHost. We are happy to discuss further if this is of interest. Should you like help building your website, we can assist with Wix web design for a modest fee.
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